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Sustainability is key for the environment and for social welfare, but it is also a must for the success of Your company. Advantage Green Gate provides advisory, consulting services and scoring methodologies to assess and monitor the sustainability of Your business and products.
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We provide advisory and reporting services for management companies, fund managers, small and medium businesses, to assess and monitor in an effective way sustainability and its impacts
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30 Years of Success for Consulting Services

Advantage Group’s history starts over 30 years ago in the United States and in Luxembourg, the company provides advisory services for institutional clientes, asset management and welth management. The focus on sustainability starts in 2011, through the cooperation with some universities and experts, economists and researchers, to develop scoring methodogies that have been testes over years, on a broad range of companies and sectors.

We consult on sustainability impacts of your investments, assist in strategic planning, governance, designing effective procedures and controls, and many other matters one might need when you want your business to prosper and evolve according to new market trends and requirements. Bound To Give You Prosperity & Confidence in the Future!

Scoring Methodologies

We support management companies, fund managers, compliance officers, operations and risk control functions to assess and monitor sustainability impacts and related risks over time, thanks to effective and easy-to-implement tools

Business opportunities

Sustainability is essential to develop quality and value products. It is a driver for financial investors' decisions. Implementing an effective control framework is a requirement and a strategic decision for investment companies and funds

Consulting Services

If you need your business flourish despite all circumstances, then it is a perfect strategic planning you need to do. Sustainability is an issue and an opportunity. Our experts can help your company strenghten the value proposition and the quality of products

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Over the years of our business’ existence, we’ve been solving thousands of puzzling business management issues. We are committed to our clients and we enjoy supporting them to improve their sustainability profile and to achieve success!

Francesco Confuorti

Francesco is the founder of Advantage Green Gate, he has been in the financial sector for many years. Mr. Confuorti and Advantage have promoted studies since 2011 to evaluate the economic impacts of environmental and social issues, to develop indicators and metrics for sustainability, and to offer reporting and consulting services for companies and funds. Advantage's studies have confirmed the relevance of sustainability for growth, the efficiency of manufacturing processes, product quality and creditworthiness. Mr. Confuorti was part of international forums in recent years such as the G7 (Venice, Bari), the UN Compact, the International Conference on Blue Economy in Nairobi, and other events. For many years, Advantage has organized international conferences on the prospects for global growth, Africa, and sustainability.

Pres. Francesco Confuorti

Our Services

Sustainability first

It’s impossible to succeed in business these days, regardless of the niche, without a solid and consistent approch to sustainability and management of all related issues


We help our clients discover and take advantage of projectas any investment opportunities, based on a comprehensive assessment on environmental and social impacts

Scalar and modular approach

We can offer a wide range of tools and services, taking into consideration the needs and the goals of the client


Our business planning process is quick, thorough, and inclusive. Education plays a key role for success. We help you develop a culture of sustainability and effective skills across several business functions


Advantage Green Gate provides some effective and comprehensive reporting services. Compliance, Risk Management, Asset Management, are among the key functions that can rely on our reporting services


Sustainability scores allow control functions and management to assess environmental and social impacts, to monitor the evolution of key figures and related risks, in a simple and intuitive way

Let the Numbers speak for Us

We analyse companies across


We cooperate with research teams from


Our first studies started

Years ago

An international network of


Strenghten the sustainable value chain

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Hedge Funds This Year, Explained
We cooperate with international consultancy firms worldwide and first class experts to ensure your strategies and procedures fully take into consideration the environmental and social impacts of your decisions.
Our support to asset managers, fund managers and companies
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Scoring methodologies have been developed by Advantage Green Gate by combining together economic, financial and ESG data, to calculate our synthetic indicator OMEGA SCORE, for companies and portfolios of securities.
An innovative methodology to assess sustainability score

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