The Solutions

Whether clients decide to monitor their own investments or benefit from the Advantage management and advisory services, they have access to a range of professional services including trading, custody and reporting.


The best trading and settlement services for each investment type.

Deposit and Custody

By way of ensuring our clients access to safe depositories of their financial assets, Advantage offers custody services from sound institutions of suitable standing, with extensive experience, selected with the utmost care following investigation and screening.

Managed Accounts

Designed for clients who prefer to manage their own portfolios without requesting active advisory services but using Advantage’s execution services.

Loans and Financing

Consultancy to pinpoint the most appropriate financing strategy matching the client’s requirements with access to a broad range of creative solutions based on the desired goals.

Reporting and Control

Personalized reports monitor performance and risk. At annual or half-yearly intervals, the Advantage team offers clients an in-depth re-examination of their position and investments.