Investment Management

Advantage Financial allows clients to select the management model best suited to their chosen degree of investment risk. Clients can delegate their investments to Advantage Financial managers in discretionary accounts or make their own decisions after using Advantage’s advisory and services in partially or wholly non-discretionary accounts.
Asset Management services for private banking clients include:

1. Asset Management

Clients ask Advantage experts and managers to select the most appropriate activities or securities for their goals. Mandates are always personalized to meet individual needs.

2. Funds of Funds

Investors interested in broadly diversifying their investment risk can opt for a fund of funds solution, meaning that they invest in both securities and other investment funds, availing of the special expertise and methods developed by Advantage Financial.

3. Active Financial Advisory

Investors eager for more active involvement in their asset management may draw up their own investment plan after consulting with the Advantage team. Clients may access Advantage research, analyses and outlooks.

Our Investment Philosophy

The goal of Advantage Financial investment is to generate performance while controlling risk. This investment philosophy is governed by and based upon a process that integrates proprietary algorithms with analysis tools to provide clients with personalized management of the highest standard.
The Advantage Financial investment process takes a top-down approach building a portfolio with securities and instruments subject to fundamental/technical analysis.
Risk management is governed by a process of risk limit definition, analyses, results measurement and tracking errors.