Matera 2020 Forum: Global perspectives for growth and sustainability

Advantage organized, in cooperation with the Municipality of Matera, the Forum:




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Advantage XII Forum Matera Settembre 2020 – Progr IT

Advantage XII Forum Matera September 2020 – Progr EN


Auditorium of Casa Cava, Matera, 27 – 29 September 2020.

Events include:

an exhibition of the photographer Massimo Pacifico,

the presentation of Mario Vattani’s book Svelare il Giappone,

the presentation of the Advantage R&D Center on Sustainability,

awards to projects, companies and people who have distinguished themselves on themes of innovation, defense of tradition and sustainability.

The conference focuses on the issues of growth and sustainability. The group of experts and speakers include representatives of the academic, diplomatic, institutional and political world, business community, international organizations.




Advantage XII Forum Matera 2020 – live streaming IT

Advantage XII Forum Matera 2020 – live streaming EN


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