Ratna Sahay

r_sahay_115Ratna Sahay is Deputy Director (Strategy, Planning, and Coordination) of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She is responsible for setting strategic priorities for the department, developing policy positions, ensuring quality control, and coordinating the work and resource management of the department. She has worked in the Asian, European, Middle East, and Western Hemisphere Department, leading several missions to emerging market countries. She has led or contributed to key analytical and policy initiatives in the Research and Finance Departments. In her previous roles, she has served as Advisor to Stanley Fischer (First Deputy Managing Director) and Michael Mussa and Kenneth Rogoff (both Economic Counselors of the IMF). She has initiated regional surveillance in the Western Hemisphere Department, coordinated Fundwide research on low income countries, and led an international effort on raising funds for clearing Liberia’s debt arrears and providing debt relief. She has published widely in leading journals on financial market spillovers and financial crises, economic growth, fiscal policy and debt sustainability, and transition economies. She has taught at Delhi University and holds a Ph. D in Economics from New York University.