Start Funding

Advantage’s start funding advisory services for companies are meant to satisfy the need to obtain new means of financing to support the internationalization process while avoiding the risks linked to the credit crunch and the increase in the burden of financial management, by focusing on a simple and affordable instrument such as commercial paper (finance bills), which was introduced to our legal system by Law 43 of January 13, 1994 with the stated objective of establishing an alternative channel for company financing aside from the banking channel.

The target

For SMEs that wish to finance working capital or, in any case, to meet short-term cash requirements.

The duration

From one month to three years.

The benefits

By relying on Advantage’s advisory services focusing on a channel other than bank financing, which is increasingly more difficult to obtain, companies will find it easier to access credit by:

  • Acquiring financial resources dedicated to the internationalization plan;
  • Diversifying credit access sources;
  • Reducing financial expenses.