Network contract

The network contract facilitates access by small and medium enterprises to foreign markets that present challenges in terms of size and excessive entry costs. In these cases, relying on the network contract with the support of Advantage makes it possible to get in contact with other companies in the sector and/or chain to suitably tackle foreign markets.

The network contract increases innovative capacity and competitiveness on foreign markets, allowing small and medium enterprises to operate with strength while preserving the flexibility, reaction times and typical productive quality of smaller companies.

The duration

Equal to the duration of the project.

The benefits

The creation of a network is a beneficial solution to facilitate the internationalization process, through interaction between companies and organizations that share common objectives and interests.

The relationships created internally or through the network represent a key tool for expanding business abroad and provide opportunities to gain access to specialized technologies and know-how.

Stipulation of the network contract also allows entities to avail themselves of the following benefits:

  • Administrative, by making it possible for the Network to manage relations with the Public Administration on behalf of participating companies;
  • Tax, through a tax deferment system;
  • Financial, by providing access to credit and loans.