Local Content Advisory

In order to penetrate and continuously cover foreign markets, it may be necessary to operate in a joint venture with a local partner or via direct investments in production structures. This makes it possible to overcome any barriers to entry and to be perceived in the target market as a local entrepreneur, while also reducing political risk and the difficulties linked to on-site financing and re-investing the profits generated.

The Advantage team supports companies in the process of finding and selecting the most reliable and suitable foreign partner to reach internationalization objectives. Advantage’s integrated services, which can be adapted based on business requirements, range from the search for and selection and qualitative evaluation of partners, to contract creation, to support in the negotiation process.

The target

This service is primarily for:

  • Companies that intend to carry out regular productive investments in foreign countries.
  • Companies that have a “predominant” foreign client that requires the company’s presence in its country.

The duration

18-36 months.

The benefits

  • Immediate use of a network of local contacts.
  • Access to the benefits of laws that support investments in the target country or those available in Italy and in Europe.