Insurance Advisory

Commercial and investment activities abroad require a comprehensive range of services and insurance coverage to consolidate expansion and entry to the target country and to protect the company from missed payments, insolvencies, or political and commercial risk.

Advantage offers companies advisory and support services for:

  • Assessing the financial capacities of foreign buyers;
  • Protecting investments from factors of instability;
  • Preventive evaluation and monitoring of the solvency of foreign clients and partners;
  • Compensation in the event of insolvencies.

The target

Companies that wish to internationalize their products and that intend to insure their turnover and investments.


Annual or equal to the duration of the project.

The benefits

Advantage’s advisory services make it possible for companies to obtain:

  • Compensation for losses in the event of insolvencies of their clients;
  • Stabilization of the increase in turnover achieved on the target market;
  • Transparency and reliability of financial statement data;
  • Better standing with domestic and international banks and financial institutions.