Export Advisory

Advantage offers integrated and qualified export advisory services for companies working on acquiring, penetrating and continuously covering new markets for their products.

Advantage’s team of experts supports companies to help them to identify and set up access channels and openings in markets selected as targets while avoiding risks linked to excessive costs, complex bureaucratic procedures, excessive timescales and difficulties arising from lack of knowledge about local laws and regulations.

With its international network, Advantage is able to offer strategic, logistical, administrative and legal support throughout the development of the business internationalization strategy, from the opening of representative offices in the target markets, to the stipulation of agreements with importers or local distributors able to ensure access to distribution channels or to continuously monitor the commercial units residing abroad.

Advantage Export Advisory services

The creation of a sales structure abroad typically requires at least opening an office, hiring and training personnel and managing company obligations in the local jurisdiction, and presents difficulties primarily linked to knowledge of the market and start-up costs.

Advantage offers a tailor-made service which “neutralizes” the initial obstacles, minimizing costs and maximizing efforts geared towards reaching objectives.

Advantage is able to identify and introduce the customer to license-holding importers, specialized distributors and wholesalers.

Advantage can also provide companies with all of the advisory and support services needed to create a structure abroad, including:

  • Assistance and interpreting
  • Marketing advisory
  • Internationalization training
  • Advisory services concerning loans and grants for internationalization
  • Temporary management.

A continuous presence in the reference areas and experience in the management of internationalization processes make Advantage a qualified partner that is constantly up-to-date on international trends.

The target

For companies that want to ensure a direct presence for their products on foreign markets deemed to be captive in the sector, while keeping the production structure and facilities in Italy.

The duration

24-36 months.

The benefits

Advantage’s integrated Export Advisory services make it possible to obtain:

  • Preventive evaluation and continuous monitoring of the reliability of distribution channels;
  • Logistical, administrative and legal support (contractualization of distribution agreements, identification of the best location, performance of activities at local authorities for the opening of local representative or sale units, logistics points, etc.).

Companies that rely on Advantage services can obtain benefits in terms of:

  • Immediate growth in turnover;
  • Neutralization of foreign competition;
  • Savings in the procurement of their product.