Business Internationalization Services

Advantage Financial provides a full range of integrated services for businesses working in international markets, from the identification of target foreign areas and markets, to the definition of entry strategies, to the involvement of the entire business organization in conducting the operating activities associated with internationalization.

The Advantage model is based on the awareness that, in today’s highly competitive economic environment characterized by the free movement of goods, services, capital and resources at the global level, business internationalization is no longer only associated with exports. Partnering with companies from other countries, opening commercial or production branches, franchising in foreign markets, patent, trademark or intellectual property rights licensing agreements, trade agreements for technologies versus products, logistics agreements and seeking out production partners are just some of the activities available to businesses to tackle international markets.

Its professionalism, skills, up-to-date knowledge of market developments and international presence make Advantage the ideal partner to guide the entire business internationalization process.

Advantage’s services

Advantage’s main business internationalization advisory and support activities and services include:

  • Start Funding: to provide financial support for company internationalization;
  • Network Contract: to band together with other small and medium enterprises to reach the appropriate size;
  • Export Advisory: to identify the channels for accessing the company’s products in the target countries;
  • Local Content Advisory: to search for reliable partners for a stable introduction to the target market;
  • Insurance Advisory: to firmly establish and protect the development of the business.