Asset Services

The solutions offered by Advantage Financial to companies and institutional clients center on execution, custody and administration services. The service is personalized and meets the highest quality standards.


The finest trade execution and services are provided for each investment type.
The Advantage Financial team conducts all the client’s transactions on the financial markets.

Custody and Deposit

All clients have access to statements, detailed performance measurement reports and risk reports.
The Advantage Financial website gives clients simple and secure access to an overview of portfolio activities.
Services include security deposits, transaction settlement, cash-flow management, dividends and coupons, foreign exchange transactions, transfers and several types of statement.

Loans and Financing

Companies and institutions can consult with Advantage Financial to determine the financing strategy best suited to their needs and to access a range of solutions. The Advantage independent advisory model objectively examines all potential structures and identifies the solution best suited to the client’s goals.