Advantage GreenGate provides companies with specialized consulting services to strengthen the environmental and social sustainability profile, through the identification of the best technological and organizational solutions, the measurement of ESG impacts, and the Life Cycle Assessment of the product.


Advantage GreenGate has elaborated scoring algorithms and develops its own methodologies for sustainability assessment on listed companies and SMEs, based on financial data, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data and other information that qualify the sustainable profile of a company or a group.


Advantage GreenGate applies the scoring methodologies to determine the degree of sustainability of funds or portfolios of financial instruments, and carries out comparative analyses by market, sector or geographical area.


Advantage GreenGate has developed the Advantage Omega Score as a synthetic indicator of the degree of sustainability of an issuer or financial entity.


Advantage GreenGate offers specialized advisory on sustainability, green economy to companies and institutions evaluating their own sustainability profile, and that of their investment portfolios. Advantage GreenGate carries out studies on the effects, risks and opportunities related to the adoption of higher sustainability standards, in step with the requirements of the legislation.