Sustainability and the Environment

Advantage has developed its own environmental and social sustainability benchmarking method for corporations which correlates a number of performance and environmental indicators that reliably measure a company’s default risk, valuation and profitability.
This tool generates an “environmental rating” for each company, reducing complex and multi-dimensional environmental and social variables to a single indicator. This indicator is linked to financial variables and impacts on credit terms and company valuation.
Our method establishes a statistically and financially significant link between sustainability and the cost of debt.


Advantage Ecological Footprint

The first Advantage Ecological Footprint report was presented on May 13, 2013 during the Fifth Advantage Forum Global Perspectives Competitiveness & Growth, with the endorsement of the President of the Italian Republic and under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment.

New editions of the report have been released ad follows:


The Ecological Impact of the Eurpoean Industry and its relation to the cost of debt (2014)


Environmental Footprint and the Cost of Capital in the Utilities Sector (2015)


Financial Presentation Nairobi 2018: “Investing in ESG Asset”; Ambassador Umberto Vattani in collaboration with Advantage Foundation 


Nairobi Sustainability and Finance 2018: “Promoting and Financing sustainable companies” ; Advantage Foundation