Message in the Bubble

Milano, Villa Necchi Campiglio
From May 15 to June 2, 2014


The work: “Message in the bubble”

The “Message in the bubble” installation exemplifies the difficulty that people sensitive to environmental issues have in making themselves understood and sending out requests for help that are perceived as important.


Like fish gasping for air, those who cares for the future of the sea and the planet do not receive answers regarding the criticalities of an economy that is almost devoid of environmental sensitivity and the preoccupation about a world that is geared to consumption.


The sculptures modeled in terracotta – the material of origin – depict prehistoric creatures, floating primitive beings, the first forms of aquatic life, which emerge from the depths of the abyss and send out messages requesting help through bubbles, invisible, imperceptible to those that don’t know how to look after the environment in which we live.


The elegance of timeless styles, atavistic coloring, screams with the dramatic opening of the mouths: the fish watch us from the cages in which they are trapped and struggle to save the water, the source of life but the victim of senseless pollution and incredible waste.


The expressiveness of the works momentarily restores the joy of a world that lives and still exists and that has lived with us, with our legends and stories, like all of those told over time.