Beyond: Louise Manzon At Gallery 61-NYIT, New York

Sculpture exhibition by Louise Manzon
Gallery 61-New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York City.

Curator: Jennifer Mitchell-Nevin
From April 12th to June 3rd 2016

An event by Advantage Première Art Fund


The artist expands on one of her most creative themes: the archetypes of Greek mythology. Manzon’s work explores various aspects of these classic symbols, including female figures and their role as the watchful guardians of life’s secrets, sea creatures and the vitality of natural environments, as well as the perils that threaten those creatures and the hope for their preservation.


«Louise Manzon’s sculptures seem to come from the depths of the sea… Her figures woman-Nereid are billowing and alive…»
(from the presentation by Alain Elkann)


Louise Manzon was born and grew up in San Paolo, Brazil. Her formative years were spent in South America, Europe and the United States. She exhibits her sculptures in Switzerland, Italy and the United States.


The exhibition Beyond

Louise Manzon’s work has always been mindful of the female condition, of procreation, of the vitality of natural environments, the perils that threaten the sea creatures and the hope for their preservation and restoring them to more suitable and balanced conditions… Read more

Introduction by Judith DiMaio 

NYIT and the School of Architecture and Design, in conjunction with Advantage Première Art Fund, in New York and Milan, are pleased to host the artist Louise Manzon and introduce her unique, artistic body of work to the community… Read more

Presentation by Alain Elkann

I have always looked at sculptors with envy because there are not very many of them and I would have wanted their same talent! Why? Because sculpture is an extremely physical art in terms of the artist who creates it, the materials that are usually used, and for the end result… Read more


Beyond has been supported by Advantage Financial and Advantage Premier Art Fund.